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Keyword based Mobile Marketing Autoresponder for Small Business Marketing

To Small Business Owners and Self- Employed Who Are Thinking to Increase Sales and Generate more Revenue

Increasingly, people want information right away when it’s relevant to their current activity and texting is the preferred way to get that information.

Text Message Marketing: it is the way that things are done in the modern world

Because of the Relevance of Information that arrives exactly when the user is planning to buy a product or service, Conversion Rates Are Higher than with proactive text marketing

Keyword based SMS Mobile Marketing Autoresponder 24/7

REPLACES the previous, well-known but cost prohibitive SHORT CODE SERVICES.

tick_64   NO need to buy short code

tick_64   NO $1000 + setup fee

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What Auto SMS Mobile Marketing Gives You

For the small business owner, the store manager or the executive in charge of a particular operation, the Keyword based
Business Marketing AutoResponder Solves a Huge Number of Problems. Here are just a few of them:

  • Increase Sales of your Small Business

    Customers getting information on sales, specials, discounts, new items and much more that arrives exactly when the user is planning to buy a product or service. As a result sales and revenue grow.

  • Customer Acquisition for Small Business

    You work hard to acquire a customer, but it’s frustrating how easy it is to lose one. Use mobile marketing to provide your customers with relevant information. Keep them engaged with information they need and can use: products video, products info, images etc.

  • List Building for futher Text Marketing

    Phone numbers that use the text message marketing service can be collected to build customer lists that will directly result in sales later on. Provide value first, gather personal info second.

  • Time Management

    Those who currently spend time answering the same questions over and over will free up a huge amount of time with mobile marketing autoresponder system. Also autoresponder can take care of some of customer communications when you’re not at work.

The Power of the SMS Marketing Autoresponder

Being able to specify keyword triggers that give customers instant information that takes seconds to set up and implement, is one of the most exciting advances of mobile small business marketing strategy.

In fact, you can create mobile marketing campaigns that you’ll actually be able to measure, adjust and control so that you can get the most out of your SMS marketing efforts.

Pull Mobile Text Marketing Campaigns Can Be Automated, Personalized and Analyzed.

For example, if you have a customer’s name in your database, you can upload them on your phone (up to 500,000 contacts) and text them back the information that they have requested, personalized with their names, updated in real-time, received instantly, 98% of all SMS are opened versus 22% of emails and 100% read!

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Smartest way to Market in 2018

Here are just some of the things that you’ll be able to do with the SMS keyword Mobile Marketing App.


Organizations that need to stay in touch with their


Should  consider the benefits of Auto SMS Mobile Marketing

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Is it Right for you?

Nearly every type of business on the planet can benefit from SMS Autoresponder technology.

Small businesses:

can create SMS marketing campaigns to boost sales, respond to customer inquiries or provide information.

Internet marketing or SEO companies:

can use mobile text marketing to provide information to customers on a daily basis.

Local television or radio stations:

 auto reply with news, weather and other information with a single keyword trigger.

Realtors, Developers, Property Managers, Real Estate Agents:

get the right homes in front of the right buyers. Potential home buyers can simply text a property ID to get the latest price information and more.

Bars & Nightclubs:

Customers can find out what theme is going on that night, what the drink specials are and the name of the entertainment.

Retail Stores:

business texting when sales are happening, when new merchandise has arrived and much more.

Gyms & Health Clubs:

text out information and schedules on what classes are being held that day.


From service times to special events, or even a thought, prayer or scripture for the day

Doctors and Dentists:

people can text in to get information on their appointment

There are so many different ways to use the Keyword based Small Business Marketing AutoResponder that the possibilities are literally endless.

HOW Auto SMS Mobile Marketing WORKS

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Set your keyword and define your SMS auto response message.

Takes literally minutes to set up and get running.



Promote your keywords through

your Website, Facebook, Office Bulletin Board, Blog, Mailing List,

Social Media, Flyers / Leaflets, Billboards, Window Stickers etc.

Let your customer text to you this keywords


An app will automatically respond to customers with your messages. Directions, Deals,

Discounts, Opening Hours, Info, List Sign-ups,

Website URL, and much more



Focus on things that matter to your business

and see how Keyword Autoresponder

will increase your revenue

Benefits of Keyword based Marketing Autoresponder

  • High Open Rates, Response Rates and Conversion Rates

    Text messages do not get lost due to spam filtering or categorization problems, like email sometimes does and the response rate is several times higher than email. The conversion rate for an email marketing message is around 1.5% while the response rate for SMS is 8.5%.

  • The System Responds To An Inquiries 24/7

    Your business is still able to be “on” even when you aren’t, and that doesn’t just include evenings and weekends – that also includes holidays, vacation times and more.

  • Boost Awareness

    Any SMS message you are sending out may go viral, since people are sharing (forwarding) interesting info with friends and family. You are sending 1 (one) SMS and putting your brand on a multiple phones.

  • Cost-Effective and Affordable

    It is affordable for any business budget – literally. With the price of keywords starting at just $2.70 (12 months subscription), every business in the world will be able to afford it.

  • It’s Time Efficient

    Imagine if 500 customers called your store every day, asking about your hours. You’d never get any work done! All you’d be doing is answering the phone and telling people your hours. Of course, you probably don’t get that many phone calls a day asking that particular question, but if you are like most businesses, you get at least a few, and setting up an SMS keyword response for hours, specials or other information that you are asked regularly could free up some serious time and make your business more efficient.

Mobile-Friendly Business is a Necessity

These days, almost everyone who will potentially “shop at your store” will have a mobile device, and for most of them, it is the only way that they use the web and communicate.

But having a mobile optimized website isn’t enough.

Customers want information faster, and even navigating to your website and finding out the information they need, might not be fast enough for them, no matter how easy you make it to find.

Information instantly and on demand

That’s exactly what the Keyword Autoresponder does and it is The Only Android App  that does it.

Show your customers you are value their time!

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